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  1. so two weeks ago my 44 gallon tank started growing a massive amount of coral algae and the tank looked great. It has started growing on my powerhead and even on the side wall of the tank.

    Now I noticed an over abundance of green algae growing.

    I figure the issue is to much light. What is a good lighting schedule? Right now my light is on for 7 hrs with one hour of blue light.

    What would y’all recommend to help cut down the green and increase the purple.

    I also had my flame angel and cleaner shrimp die today dang it. Back down to three healthy fish. It’s odd they looked great two days ago and feed well. Then gone. RIP.
  2. lmforbis

    lmforbis Administrator Staff Member

    Green algae is too much nutrients, phosphate and nitrate. Light may be contributing but less likely.
  3. beaslbob

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    to me it's best to have algae you like consuming the nutrients. Like in an algae turf scrubber or macros in a refugium.

    You may have to kill the lights for awhile in the display to get the desirable algae in control.

    my .02

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