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Discussion in 'Reef Tanks' started by Dneon95, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Dneon95

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    I bought an auto top off system from last week. Its a float switch that connects off a bracket that hangs in the sump. It connects to a controller the leads back to a pump which sits in a 23G reservoir. It worked great for a few days. Yesterday I came downstairs and the living room was flooded. The Sump was way overflown and the reservoir was nearly empty. The company has been responsive but nothing has been resolved. I noticed the controller and float dont work at all now. and it never got wet. The company is blaming siphoning. I suppose that's possible, but how would i prevent that? The pump has to sit in the reservoir at all times. What if the pump runs, then it shuts the power off, but keeps siphoning like many pumps do? He suggested putting a hole on the air tube and redirecting the water that comes out, through PVC back into the sump. That seems like an unneeded waste. Anyone have any ideas, or suggest a better one providing i can get my money back?
  2. 2quills

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    I've been using the Tunze osmolator for about 5 years now issue free. They have a reliable reputation.

    The best way to avoid the siphon issue is to make sure the end of the output tube/hose always sits higher than the water level in your top off reservoir.
  3. lmforbis

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    I use an old school gravity ATO, it has never failed me. Cost about $25.
  4. beaslbob

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    ATO have the syphoning problems that sumps do.

    Make sure that with the pump off the syphon also stops. Anti syphon holes, outlets above water line and so on.

    also make sure for safety the float valves use DC to fire a relay for the AC to the pump.


    my .02
  5. Dneon95

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    Thanks guys, i would expect reverse siphoning, where it would pull the water up from the sump and back to the reservoir, but it will also keep siphoning from the pump? I will be sure to keep the hose above the water line. As for Anti Siphon type holes. I should do that just as the line comes out of the reservoir correct? What size hole should I put in the 1/4 in line? I would just be worried the pump wouldnt get enough water past that hole and back into the sump. My new ATO has a timer on it where it shuts off after a certain amount of time.

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