Back to basics- 29g adventure

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So in the process of moving and buying an even smaller home, I had to pack up my 75g and put it in storage. I'll be getting it out and set back up in a few years, probably at my own taxidermy shop, hopefully. In any case, I am very glad that I kept it instead of selling it.

So this tank will be back to basics for me- HOB emperor 400 filter, phosban reactor, octopus HOB skimmer, T5 lights and a deep sand bed.

Not wanting to sell any equipment, I will be using my Apex Jr to monitor temperature and the heater, eventually monitoring pH as well.

Anyways, I'm excited to get started on it. I plan to add one more large rock on the side. Eventually adding a clown or two and then starting on Sps corals.

Looking forward to getting started.

Update: October 7th 2015:

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Hmm. I haven't measured it to be exact, but I think you are right- about 5-6". I'm hoping to have some nice anaerobic areas for denitrification. Once every so often I will clean out a spot of sandbed to keep hydrogen sulfide from building up. An in-tank DSB is not my first choice, but I don't have room for a bunch of extra equipment.

I'm still in the process of moving. Almost everything is out of the old house and in the new. I'll be unpacking for a few weeks, but that will be fine for when the new tank is cycling. I'm happy that my only purchase was a tank stand and a used 29g.


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I was afraid you'd be out of commission for a couple of years or so. Glad to see that you managed to work around the new move and the upcoming new addition to the family! I should have known that you'd find a way to have something saltwater! LOL!!!


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Lol. I try. I work too hard not to have something that I enjoy doing.

The next ten years will be spent paying off my home, my credit and my student loans- and my wife's. Maybe we can stash money back for retirement as well as some for our kids educations. We are actually doing pretty good right now.

I am looking at a six bulb T5 light for this tank.


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Thanks Eric. I'm glad I get to keep something at least. It's not a dream tank with a silent overflow and a huge sump with complicated equipment, but it will do. I have to make the most of it.


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I was walking by it and it caught on my arm. The thing spun off the tank and landed ballast first on the floor.
It's ok though, I wanted to get a new light anyway.

I set up the phosban reactor yesterday and got the octopus skimmer running. Surprisingly, the skimmer started pulling skimmate that same afternoon, despite starting with nearly all clean new saltwater.

My peppermint shrimp and a few snails are still alive and doing well. Everything is looking up for the tank for now.

I'm wondering if I should even put fish in it. Lol
skimmers are good at pulling calcium and other stuff out as well as pollution, so its not surprising for a skimmer to skim on "clean" water. Try it some time mix up some water and throw your skimmer in it, it may not get a lot but it will pull anything hydrophobic out of the water.
You know Seth, this might not be the tank of your dreams, it might not have the volume or all the gadgets, but there's no reason you can't turn this into a sick build. My old boss had a super clean 29 gallon built into a built-in book case. HOB skimmer, simple lighting, no reactors...this limited him to mostly softies and a few LPS, but it was fully stocked and had great color and movement. He kept it clean but did very infrequent water changes.
I learned a lot throughout the various stages of my last build as far as what I want out of a system and to start out with the equipment that I want. This current tank showed me that there is light at the end of the much has gone wrong with it. At the end of the day though, the less I messed with it, the better the outcome was (on the tank and on me, LOL). I have a good feeling about this 29 gallon of yours.


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Oh yeah. I know. It will be nice, I'm sure of it. I have many years ahead of me at this one place. No more moving for at least the next ten years. It will let my tank mature and settle in nicely.

I do want some very easy to keep Sps corals- Montiporas and seriatopora etc. nothing too hard to keep and cheap. Lol. We will see where this goes.

Within this next year, I will be opening up a wholesale taxidermy studio where I process the animal hides for other taxidermists- so some of my income will be going towards that. I am excited. :)


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Well, things are going good. I got a new android phone. Getting used to it. It takes better pictures than my old phone too.

Soon as I figure out my photo bucket password, I'll post some new pictures.

Built a deck for the new house. Exhausting weekend.


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Since the snails aren't dead yet, lol, I'm going to order a cheap Chinese LED system this week and see about starting to add some softie frags next week.