Bubbles In My U Tube In The Overflow Box

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I have an Eshopps overflow box and, for the life of me, I cannot seem to get rid of the air bubble at the top. What could be causing the problem and how do I fix it?!
I was using the tube that came with the overflow box, which is 1”. Do you think I need a more powerful pump? I have the Aqueon Quietflow 1200. 75 gallon tank


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I've never used this overflow but a quick look at google and I see that it seems to have this problem quite a lot. Did you follow manufactures instructions?


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And a previous aquarium I used a marineland powerhead with the "bubbler" to suck out the bubbles. Not only would it suck out the bubbles but after a power outage with water in both containers but no water in the u tube, is would suck and fill the u tube in 45 seconds and reestablish siphon.