calcium additives?

Discussion in 'New Hobbyists' started by scrapman, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. scrapman

    scrapman Member

    I used to drip kalkwasser in my 90 gal (20 gal + 20 gal sump and refugium)
    Too much fuss.... I switched to 2 caps of Purple Up every two weeks.....
    I don't dose...... the system has been stable on autopilot for 15 years.....
    Can someone recommend a Calcium additive better that Purple Up?

  2. silverado61

    silverado61 Well-Known Member

    Water changes.
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  3. lmforbis

    lmforbis Administrator Staff Member

    I use BRS two part.
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  4. snakeblitz33

    snakeblitz33 Well-Known Member

    BRS two part...

    Test before dosing. Keeping calcium and alkalinity high and stable is important in reef systems.
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  5. scrapman

    scrapman Member

    Thanks for your answers...... just tested Alk... it's low.
    what is BRS?
  6. lmforbis

    lmforbis Administrator Staff Member

    Bulk Reef Supply
  7. beaslbob

    beaslbob Well-Known Member

    +1 to brs two part.

    It is a commercial version of dr randy holmes-farley's improved diy two part. search that.

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