can i use these rocks

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my dad has had a pile of rocks in his QT tank submerged in water...the tank has just been sitting there with no water movement or life in it for about a year...would he be ok adding these live rocks to his current DT? is there something he needs to do in order to do this? is it better to throw them away? could he leave them dry for a month and then use them? thanks guys


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thanks quills...and idk if this is right or wrong but in the past I usually use like 10lbs of rock from my DT in my QT tank and then after im done I let the rocks dry out in my basement for a month or two then just toss them back in my sure this isn't the safest way considering disease and what not but that is what I have done in the past...


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I do the same (just toss the new in) if it is just a small fraction of the total. As I remember your dad has a 125, a couple chunks of uncured rock shouldn't be an issue.