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  1. HKfshkpr1

    HKfshkpr1 New Member

    Any problems getting caulerpa shipped to California? I really like the look of some of them........
  2. lmforbis

    lmforbis Administrator Staff Member

    It depends on the state regulations. A local fish shop would likely know.
  3. jay0705

    jay0705 Administrator Staff Member

    Agreed. I get in ny all the time np
  4. HKfshkpr1

    HKfshkpr1 New Member

    OK I am talking buying online shipped to Ca. Any Californians?
  5. jay0705

    jay0705 Administrator Staff Member

    Check gulfcoast ecosystems. If there is any restrictions they should have them listed
  6. 2quills

    2quills Administrator Staff Member

    You cannot import it to California legally. They already have a huge problem with it taking over in some coastal areas. Can probably go to the beach and get it for free though.
  7. beaslbob

    beaslbob Well-Known Member


    Don't know how common it is at the beach tho.

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