Clown ID

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This guy was bought as a "clarks clownfish," but his coloring is so much darker than the others you see in the trade. Is this just a juvenile thing because he was a wild fish? With this coloration, I've never seen them. Because he is so small (probably still less than 1) It's the perfect match for another clown. I almost hoped he'd be an Allards clown ... but I realize it's a slim chance. If people need a better picture, I'm going to try again ... this was the best I could do with how quickly he beats around that coral anchor. Thanks ahead of time.

unknown amphirion.jpg


Staff member
Looks like a clarkii to me. Their color can vary a lot. This fish will get big and very aggressive. Mine got to be around 5 inches and had to be moved to a tank of his own because he attacked everybody else.