Clownfish smiling

Discussion in 'Fish Photography' started by xxbionewbyxx, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. xxbionewbyxx

    xxbionewbyxx Member

  2. tthemadd1

    tthemadd1 Active Member

    I like it. Funny picture
  3. Ha! Nice! What kind of clown?
  4. michaelkelley

    michaelkelley Member

    Yeh! Great Smile! Clownfish do a wiggle dance that aerates sea anemones, allowing them to grow larger.
  5. Alejandro Lavandos

    Alejandro Lavandos New Member

    Cool photo. I love shots with out filters. I've read some articles about it for example on Highendbeautyretouching
    website. But it is hard to make them beautiful!
  6. beth

    beth Administrator Staff Member

    Has long as he is able to close that mouth, I'd say A-ok.:D

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