Clownfish With Fuzzy Pink/White Patches

Discussion in 'Fish Disease & Treatment' started by Jen831, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Jen831

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    Hello all I need some help identifying what is up with my female clownfish. She has pinkish/white patches on her one side. I have seen Ich spots before, and to me this doesn't look like Ich. These patches are a pinkish/white in color and almost fuzzy looking. I'm not sure if maybe she just hurt herself or if it's some kind of disease. Any suggestions or ideas on how to treat would be great.

    I do have Melafix which is supposed to be safe for invertebrates and corals, and I did add it to my reef tank before with no issues. However I'm a little scared adding it to a tank with a Sebae Anemone. If anyone has ever used it in a tank with one before I would love to know if it was safe or not. Pictures included below. I did the best I could she isn't one to cooperate with me lol

  2. beth

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    Take a close look and see if that is just discolored skin or if it is actually a coating that is on the skin surface that may look like its pealing away. How long have you had the fish?? It may be brooklynella which is very serious. Take a look at the info I'vie linked. Use a magnifying glass to observe the fish closely to get more details about what you are seeing.

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