Coming back to the hobby after 9 year break

Discussion in 'New Hobbyists' started by gonefishcrazy, Sep 15, 2018.

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    Hello everyone, my last tank was a 150 gallon saltwater tank which house a miniatus grouper that terrorized and killed the blue line grouper and saddleback grouper, a zebra eel, and a coral cat shark. I’m now in the process of putting together a 220 gallon tank. The LFS put together the tank, stand, hood, a PROMAXX RS 300 filter and a DCS9000 pump, plus delivery and set up.. I chose to shop around for sand which I found on Walmart website for $15.79 a bag, I still need the lighting (predator and live rocks only), skimmer, and accessories. Shopping around online for deals. Any ideas of good price skimmer that would work well and a good Bluetooth lighting ? Thanks
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    You might look into SB Reef lights. I've never used them but I have heard really good things about them. You can also go with something like a Mars Aqua. They are inexpensive LEDs not bad. I think they are typically available on Ebay or amazon. Since you are not going to do coral it really doesn't matter. It is more the look you like and the type of bulb you want.

    I like my reef octopus skimmer. It has worked flawlessly for years. Even more than that I love the Reef octo waste collector. You'll need a pretty big skimmer for a 220.
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    Thank you.. I’ll research them

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