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Discussion in 'Fish Only Tanks' started by Ekakiadis260, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. Ekakiadis260

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    I recently got a coral beauty and added it to my tank with 2 small damsels and a hawkfish. After a day a noticed the next morning that my coral beauty had a single white spot on its left side by its tail. Today I notice that he is flashing against the live rock. Not a lot but is still doing it. Could it be ich? And what should I do? It’s a 60 gallon cube with fish only and has live rock and live sand.
  2. lmforbis

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    It could be ich. We always recommending a 30 day quarantine period before adding any fish. Often they are in sub clinical levels of copper at the store and don’t show symptoms until we get them home.
    Watch it for a couple days as well as the others. It could be nothing. If it is ich it will appear go away then come back. That is the nature of the disease. They will all need treatment in a hospital tank if it is Ich. The tank will also be infected and will need to sit fishless for 72 days I order for the parasite to die offf.
  3. Ekakiadis260

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    So this coral beauty died. The white spot never went away and never showed any signs of being sick, such as not eating or being strange. I came home from work and it was against the overflow. Being that none of the other fish have any white spots on them and none of them are acting funny....I'm assuming that it had some sort of a parasite or something.

    I wish there was an actually way to find out what happened. I hate the mysteries lol
  4. xeanliao

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    wondering its marine velvet without showing its typical sympton... i had one pbt died in one day since i noticed he acted not too normal. in another month, the marine velvet outbroke that killed almost the rest of the fishes with clearer MV symption. I still cannot be sure and still learning, but I think you should still watch your tank closely.

    sorry for your lost

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