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So I've recently discovered that I have cyanobacteria andI purchased Chemiclean however, reading the instructions it says I need to increase oxygen levels. Do I need to add an air stone before I use this product? I don't want to use this and then have my fish die.

I have two powerheads and the surface of the water is moving.... but I have a lid to my 65 gallon.


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I’d ditch the lid. Maybe replace it with egg crate or a clear screening material. Lids hamper good gas exchange. Certainly remove it while you are using the Chemiclean. I’ve never added more flow when I’ve used it but I have a sump 8 feet below the tank so that allows for a lot of movement where the water enters the sump.
Thank you both. I will look into the egg crate or clear screen material. Or just remove the lids altogether.

Future thinking, and a bigger tank, if I want to get an eel what type of top should I have. I’ve read and heard that eels are known to escape and “commit suicide”.


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A fine, clear screening would be best but it also needs to be well attached to the tank to prevent escape.
I’ve had a couple snowflake eels. Both ended up on the floor having snuck through very small openings. I’d love another I just don’t want to lose it so I don’t get one.


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Depends what you want to keep with it. Personally i like the zebra. Same as imforbis tho i don't have one bc of the escape factor


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before you do anything try killing the lights for a few days until the cyano dies off. then resume with less light duration and adjust. More if cyano does not return, less of it comes back.

my .02