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hi guys...So i was just wondering if you guys had any insight on this topic...

I have my main tank in my living room and my sump is down in my my basement is kind of damp and what not i guess kind of like your typical unfinished basement...Do any of you use a dehumidifier in your basement? I only ask because like i said its pretty damp down there to begin with and then add a 125 gallon open sump to the mix and i have some black spots starting to appear on my basement walls...I guess what i wanna know is it a lost cause to have a dehumidifier down there? or is there a certain humidity level you guy have yours set at? or do you just keep it at a constant ON all the time? do you keep it at 40-60%? etc...just thought i would get some thoughts on the idea thanks a lot


Staff member
I have my sump in a small room in my basement. Mines smaller but so is the room. I have a large part of the sump covered to keep humidity down. I don’t see why a dehumidifier wouldn’t help.