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We have been assigned to design a Public Aquarium to hold 5 very large Sharks but am finding very little information on how big the Tank must be so can someone please suggest best Tank size and gallons for say 5 Sharks *fully grown* which you usually see at Public Aquariums so at least we have an idea of a minimum size. Thanks and await feedback
wow should be a crazy and HUGE project.
The aquarium by me in Long Island NY has a shark exhibit with one of the sharks in it being a full grown Sand tiger shark. I believe they are in a 120,000 gallon. Honestly when being there and seeing it, personally I think they need more room; they keep going in circles, but I'm not an expert. They even have a shark dive with a cage. pretty cool.


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I would shoot for 1 million + gallons or larger.

The general rule of thumb in this hobby is the larger the better. The smaller the tank, enclosure, exhibit etc., typically means bad things can happen much faster. Larger volumes of water are more forgiving.