Does anybody know what this is?

Discussion in 'Tips and Techniques' started by jussery17, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. jussery17

    jussery17 Member

    what is this called and what exactly do you think it will look like if it does grown anything out of it or turn color or what? Thanks!

    By the way the one I'm talking about is the white one on the very left in the picture lol

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  2. lmforbis

    lmforbis Administrator Staff Member

    A piece of dead coral.
  3. 2quills

    2quills Administrator Staff Member

    Yep pretty dead coral. But it will be reborn into what we affectionately refer to in the hobby as live rock.
  4. jussery17

    jussery17 Member

    Well I kinda already know that is a dead and is some kind of coral but can any of you give me a name of what kind or family it belongs to? Instead of stating the obvious lol
  5. jussery17

    jussery17 Member

    I mean I'm not completely stupid over here lol
  6. jussery17

    jussery17 Member

    And it's already starting to grow long white hairlike strands on it
  7. 2quills

    2quills Administrator Staff Member

    Just testing the waters. :D

    If I had to guess I'd say some type of stylophora.
  8. jussery17

    jussery17 Member

    That's what I was thinking...looking it up, stylophora was the closet coral I could match it the high nitrite stage of my FOWLR tank and this dead coral was given to me and we wanted to add just 2 or 3 corals to the 75g FOWLR we have. but not quite ready for all that just yet...just getting my first saltwater tank up and going but in time would be nice...we also have a tall 70 gallon we were going to make a seahorse tank...any advice on the corals in with the FOWLR tank or advice on the 70g seahorse tank?

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