Does this Duncan need fragging?

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I have had this duncan for... a long while now. It's gotten quite large and I wonder if I need to frag it.
(hopefully) from the pictures you can see that there are 10+ small polyps under the "larger" side of the colony (left side) and there are about 5 or so on the "smaller" side (right side) A lot of the branches are staying kind of stubby... I was thinking of remedying this by fragging but i hate to break up this very large, gorgeous colony. What to do?



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if you hate to break it up then dont. you dont "need" to frag it you can let it go as long as you want. as long as its not threatening any of your other corals your fine to let it grow.


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I was thinking the same thing reefkprz. The heads underneath... will they expand out at some point? That is why I was thinking of fragging it. I don't want the growth of the colony to be stunted. I feed micro food often and I try to feed the colony with large pellets (by tube) every month or so... i usually feed at least 10 of the heads. They colony shares, right? I am hoping that this will aid in the growth of those little heads underneath... I dk what else to do?
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