Dremel rotary tools

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I went to my local hardware store looking for one of these only to find a billion different models in all kinds of price ranges. Could someone recommend one for me that is cost effective? and do a good job? cordless or corded? I am looking to frag hammers, torches Duncan's, and other lps like these I just mention. Thanks.


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I have a couple of dremels and the 8v lithium ion cordless is great for small projects and the battery lasts for a good amount of time But if you're going to be doing alot of continuous work for hours on end, then I'd definately get one that plugs into an outlet. I have one of the mid grade models that has served me well for the last few years and it is great for a wide range of projects. It really just depends on what you need it for.
The next rotary tool that I upgrade to will the higher end roto zip. But that will be used more for construction and renovation type applications.
That one should be fine. Or to frag a tourch you can always do it the way I do. Just grab the branch you want to frag and snap it off. They are not very hard to snap at all

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Personally for the larger/heavier LPS I would stay away from the cordless ones, they tend to bog down in a long cut. Also, if your going to be doing a fair amount, you're going to want a carbide cutterhead (not typically commercially avialable). As Robert said, most of the branching LPS can be fragged simply by snapping off the branches - much cheaper and easier than a dremel.