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so I’ve got a snowflake eel and a yellow headed/fimbriated eel, and I was wondering what (if anything) I could put with them in a 75 fowlr tank? I’ve already got a small convict tang in a smaller tank that I’m gonna move to the 75 when it’s no longer bite sized. Thanks :):)
I had a snowflake eel in my 150 gallon tank. We had to get rid of him within a week because he at 6 small fish. So no small fish only bigger fish.
Yeah, I was thinking maybe a raccoon butterflyfish and/or a foxface rabbitfish? Because unfortunately the tang didn’t make it so he obviously can’t go in with Rey and Sunny (the eels)
Those would be good because they aren’t to big and the foxface has means of self defensive if it does try anything. One I have that I love is a sail fin tang. I love it and also has self defense
The only thing about that is I’m not sure I’m emotionally ready for another tang, because I’ve already lost two, both because my damselfish Green is a freaking asshole and I heard that sometimes yellow heads decide that lionfish look tasty because they don’t move much