Feather Duster left tube dropped feathers

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Hey so yesterday night I got a new batch of fish and a feather duster and an anemone. By morning he was out of his tube and looked as if he was looking for a different place to go. I checked him tonight and he had moved further but had also dropped most of his feathers. I saw my coral beauty nip at him a few times. Is he dying or just finding a new spot.


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Agree it's a sign of significant stress of it already dropped it's crown and abandoned the tube after one night in the tank.

If conditions are favorable it will build a new tube and grow a new crown. If not it will perish.
Thanks. I checked for him and he's nowhere to be found. I'm hoping he just found a place in a rock and is just going to stay in there for a bit. It's 180 gallons so he's got a lot of room to hide. Hope he's ok