feeding LTA's test?

Discussion in 'Reef Tanks' started by dad, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. dad

    dad Active Member

    I have posted this a few times before on other threads but had no real response.
    I have feed mine for over a year(almost two) nothing but earthworms. I have feed it every other week now and it still is doing fine after all it has been through lately.
    Has anyone tried this besides me? Am I on to something new?
    Would someone please try this with their anemone and let me know how it works out? I am not trying to pull anything. I would noy do that to anyone.
    Try it and please post how it works out.
    Thank you.
  2. nm reef

    nm reef Active Member

    Personally I'd prefer not to feed any of my marine creatures with "earthworms"...it may work but I'd avoid it.
  3. jacksonpt

    jacksonpt Active Member

    Though I have no experience with earthworms personally, I have heard of other people having success feeding earthworms. Personally, I'm very hesitant to put anything in my tank that isn't naturally found in that type of environment.
  4. gliderpt

    gliderpt Member

    Just wondering if you soak the worm in saltwater first. Otherwise the anemone might get a nasty osmotic shock when it swallows the worm.
  5. dad

    dad Active Member

    I dip the worms is freshwater for a few minutes first. Then dry them in a napkin. I first started doing this when I read an article I read in a book I read.
    It seems to be doing great for me.
  6. Memphis38116

    Memphis38116 New Member

    Actually, I feed my aquarium earthworms A LOT. Dillys & live bloodworms too. Its ok for the fish but if you feed them to anemones and or corals then its suggested that you place them in a cup with reef salt and add water. The saltwater helps with purging the worms. Rinse the worms under running water to remove dirt and its excreted possible contaminates, then feed them directly to the anemones or coral....whole. Whn feeding the fish I usual throwthem in the blinder with a few hundred ghost shrimp, mix in some coral frenzy & prime, pour it in a few cups (or plastic shot glasses).....and sit them in the freezer until feeding time.

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