Feeding question

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I have been getting some conflicting opinions regarding feeding my fish.
I plan on feeding them a rotating mix of frozen cubes twice daily, daily spirulina and a seaweed sheet on a clip.
My question is how many cubes should I be feeding them per feeding?

Thanks for any help.

75 Gallon aquarium
6 green chromis
2 percula clownfish
1 flame angelfish
1 Hippo tang
1 Lollipop tang
1 Diamond Goby


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No issues except the tangs. Neither is compatible with the other and your tank is way too small for either even as singles.

I’d feed Maybe 1/2 cube once a day. It should be food that has some vegetable matter because of the flame angel. Definitely a variety of foods.


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Actually, yes.

Based on what the LFS guy (who built and designed the system), the two Tangs and the Goby were all raised together in the same tank and were interacting just fine at the store. I have now had them in my home system for about 3 days and they have not shown any aggression towards each other. These are still rather small and if they start getting aggressive, I can always return them to the store for a trade in.