Flame Angel, Mandarin Goby, Mystery Wrass AND.....

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Setting up a new FOWLR tank after being out of the game for 5 years. I have a 150 gallon, 180lbs of live sand and 2 garbage cans full of live rock to get started.

I'm wanting to build the tank around a Flame Angel, Mandarin Goby, Mystery Wrasse, Tiger Pistol Shrimp and Watchman, Cleaner Shrimp. Any suggestions for what will fit well with this group? Roughly how many fish would you put in a 150 max?

I also have an Azure Damsel who survived cycling my 35, which will become my quarantine tank.


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You can do a lot with a 150. Just wait on the mandarin until the tank is at least a year old. You need a large sustainable copopod population befor you add a mandarin.


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Pellets are an iffy thing. Some eat them most won’t. They are constant feeders so they need more than one or two feedings a day. They need something the eat all day long.
Update on the tank. Flame Angel, Azure Damsel, Yellow Wrasse, Diamond Watchman Goby, 2 Cleaner Shrimp.

8 blue leg hermits, 8 nassarius snails, 8 astrea snails, 1 electric blue hermit, 1 scarlet reef hermit.

Trying to post a pic but file is too large? Any tips?