Foxface has odd mark on side

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Does this look like something to be concerned about? I'm so paranoid after I lost that triggerfish to ich a few months ago. Hoping I'm just being too cautious. I hadn't noticed it before. Hes acting normal, has good girth and appetite.



Staff member
I don't think I'd worry about that at the moment. Does it seem raised, a bump? Keep an eye on it for the moment. Anything similar on the other side? The pic, however, looks like the fox's eyes are cloudy. Are they?
The other side looks fine. I think the cloudy look in his eye in the pic was lighting but I took 2 close up pics, one of each side, under brighter lighting this morning. The place on his side is barely raised if at all. I know that's the side he usually has against the rock when hes sleeping and camo'd out.