Fragging Questions on Monti

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I have this beautiful green Monti that has purple ridges. I want to frag a little bit of it off. It's probably 7 inches long by 8 inches across. Is there any tips or tricks I should know? Like is it as easy as snapping it of the Monti? I don't want to mess it up in the process. It's grown so well this last year. And if I'm suppose to break pieces off of it, what size should the pieces be?
I am here:


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Yup. It's natural to over think it. I did the same thing.
Most of the hard corals you can just break off. When I frag SPS I just break off a branch with my fingers.


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you can actually start with just a single polyp, no piece is too small, but having a larger piece to start will give you a more respectable sized colony faster.
So I fragged my green one, my red one, and my purple one. If I were to put all 3 pieces on a rock, would they eventually grow into each other? And if they do, do they fuse or anything?


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Yes, then you will have a multicolored montipora. Looks pretty cool when it's all said and done. Way not natural - but cool never the less.