GE silicon II with mold resistant

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Can anyone with experience tell me if this is fish safe with a full cure time.. already built the fuge and wiped out my tank(not sure if it was the puffer releasing toxins with all the messing around in tankor a 3 day cure or uncure with the silicon) want to know if it is safe after a full cure time or do I have to rebuild every thing


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The fact that it is mold resistant makes me think it isn’t aquarium safe. I stick with silicone that specifically says aquarium safe. What is the part # for the product should be in the format of GE####


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It most likely wasnt fully cured. It has been used successfully but 1 week is the minimum time to cure that I'd recommend for neutral curing products. Typically we use more than a 1/8 bead of caulk which is where the manufacturer's recommended cure times come from. So for this hobby I recommend longer.

100% silicone is mold resistant as is without extra additives. Sorry for your losses.
Thanks for the replies guys part# is GE5000 old cannister filter is back up along with 2X water changes a day 5gals each tank is 55 seems to be helping snowflake and pair of clowns respiration is slowing down and more movement around the tank.Not sure if the BTA is going to make it pretty tightly closed shame he was a big guy 5-6" across at the foot and really red
another quick questuon will the surviving clowns and eel recover from the incident both are still lethargic and water is testing fine now


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Clowns are usually pretty resilient and as long as the eel is still alive it will probably be fine (fingers crossed).
Just a quick update fish are doing a little better but i think I may have damaged thier nervous system some how with the slicone.The clowns stay on the bottom and dont leave a spot for days and sometimes are a little off kilter and the eel is acting very strange when he comes up for food(doesnt eat it) he cant stay up straight falls over and the clowns dont come up for food.the eel also sometime goes into figure 8 mode like hes trying to rip off a piece of meat from a carcass.something is not right been doing water changes every day and have biopoly and carbon in filter. Any ideas?