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Anyone have any experience with Gonioporas? Any advice on placement and lighting? I have T5 lighting, 30 gal tank, 4 39 W bulbs. Thanks
It would be fine under that lighting. I have a red, 2 purples and a green goniopora in my 155. They've been under PC's, T5's and now they're under Halides. They like medium strong lighting, so under T5's in a 30G, you'll be fine. I have found that they do best in the sand, but you need to be careful that they stay on top of the sand and the sides don't get buried in any way (from fish, flow or snails). If the sides get buried, it will cause die off in that area. I have a ton of nassarius snails that like to bury mine, so they're all up on rock ledges and do just fine. Medium flow does best. My purples tend to prefer a slightly less flow than my green does, and the red doesn't seem to care what I do to it.
Put them in a spot where they won't fall and you won't hvave to touch them often. If they fall, they're dead 90% of the time. They're skeleton is very fragile and I've seen many people crush them just trying to move them.

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One consideration on keeping Goniopora Coral and i am sure TommieLynn would agree they are best kept by experienced hobbyist with the expertise and time to keep the coral properly. Those that can and have kept them are committed to their needs so just be up to the task
I've had a Goniopora (Green) now for couple of years, mines does best towards the top of the tank, with medium flow..I'm running my tank under T5's..IMO keep you calcium towards the higher end, Mine has fallen many times due to my EEL knocking it over with his tail, just be very careful handling if it does fall..since it is new to your tank..I don't recommend putting them on your sand bed unless you have CC.Pic of my Goni
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i didn't see anyone mention not to touch it with your bare hands, the oils in your skin will cause it to die. Here is a picture of our goniopora

I have a purple, red and green, all have been touched bare handed and they're fine, but I always wash my hands/arms before and after putting them in the tank.