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    My husband and I have a 180 gallon tank, and are now adding a protein skimmer for the first time. We have no experience with these what-so-ever. We purchased the Coralife Super Skimmer 220-gallon and got it set up, but the first time we turned it on, it filled up with water and just kept going until the water came out the top. I'm sure this is a very basic thing, but any help would be very appreciated. thanks

    We installed it hanging on the side of the sump (due to the large size of the product). Turning the dial did not make a difference with the water filling up

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    Try decreasing the amount of water in your sump. At least in the chamber that the skimmer is drawing off of. Skimmer levels tend to mimic the water level that they're drawing from. You'll see that both water levels are the same. Try lowering the sumps level and syphon the skimmers level till they match at 8-9 inches of water in the skimmer, then try again.

    FYI: 220 is for the total volume of the tank and sump. Add the total of your tank and sump and go one size up and that's the size you need. Especially if you plan to keep corals.

    Just a thought
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    Check to see if the airline tubing that extends from the pump to above the water line is properly installed, clear of obstructions and that the air silencer is properly installed and unobstructed.
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    It has an adjustable knob which will regulate the water flow. Adjusting that down will get you the results you want.

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