Hermit crabs (Aiptasia eaters)?

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Never really thought about these guys for Aiptasia control before.

Over the last few months I'very noticed a about 7 or so Aiptasia starting to pop up that most likely hitched a ride on some frags.

I added a few red leg hermits just for clean up purposes for any uneaten food a couple of weeks ago and ever since then I've noticed the aiptasia dissapearing. And today i cant find any trace of them left. The hermits are the only thing I've added other than a coral.

Anyone else ever find these guys to be Aiptasia eaters?

I'm fixing to remove them from the display though and just keep them in the refugium. They climb all over and steal food from my corals durring feeding time. Coral food seems to be like Crack for them. They go nuts over it.

florida joe

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The Red-legged Hermit Crab or the Scarlet Hermit Crab is said to eat Aiptasia. I don’t think they can handle a full blown infestation. But they may rid your tank of a few if their preferred food gets scarce


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I'm not sure what their preferred food source is. Always seems like they will eat anything they come across. But the tank is generaly pretty clean and I've grown less wasteful with my feeding tactics so it may make sense.

I might keep one in the tank for now but the first time I see him go after the elegance he's getting banished to the fuge.