Hey Guys Please Help Identify! (Vid Included)

Discussion in 'Hitchhikers and "ID Please"' started by KeishFaneish84, May 13, 2017.

  1. KeishFaneish84

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    So. My tank has been established for a little over 3 months now and for the last week I've noticed this dang worm thingy. I can't see it when the lights are off, but once the day time lights come on I notice something moves quickly then hides. After a while I see it peek it's "head" out and starts to move from rock to rock. I just need to know if it's ok to keep even tho it's UGLY as heck! Or to get rid of it and if so HOW?

    Ok while I was uploading the video I noticed that there's literally "TWO HEADS" the second one is towards the bottom of the screen...

    Link to video
  2. 2quills

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    Too hard to tell in the vid. But I can almost make out what looks like it could potentially be a bobbit worm.

    I'd Google some images to at least verify if it is or it isn't. If it is, it's a predator that you don't really want in your tank.

    Otherwise I'm not aware of any two headed worms but then again this hobby is full of suprises.
  3. silverado61

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    I don't know about it being a bobbit worm. I don't see any legs and it looks like it attached itself to the rock at the base of the body. Aptasia maybe?

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