High alkalinity..

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So I invested in a alkilinity test today since I'm getting a little concerned for my xenia trees. They have shrunk quite a bit and don't look as good as they did. Bought a sailfert test and tested as soon as I got home. Of course there are 2 readings and both are high.

Results were 12.5 - KH value in ddKH
4.45 - alkalinity in New / L.

This is really my first hurdle in this hobby other than a few losses and would like to know the best route to take to get this issue solved.

I don't think either of those products contain Carbonate or Borate so wouldn't raise Alkalinity.

Are those the only things you dose?

Are you using RO water? Does it have a low TDS reading?

Have you tested freshly made saltwater?

For the level you're at I see no reason to actively lower it. It should drop naturally on it's own once you find the source.

What is your Calcium level?
Purple up may have carbonate. I think I remember seeing somethig in the bottle on the bottle about thAt. Maybe it said it raises the carbon?

I do not use RO water. I have a private well and had it tested bc my in law has Lupus and is sensitive to water or what's it in actually.. I need to check and see what my calcium levels were but there is absolutely no chlorine in the water.

Do you think this may be the issue? I have used it since I put my tank up.
Yes, it's likely your well water has carbonate.

Your well water is also probably high in other undesirables as well - phosphate, copper, zinc, etc. What all was it tested for?
I know the Copper levels were non existent. Will have to check on the others.

So it's safe to say using RO will solve this issue?

I just mixed 10 gallons of salt water last night. Can I still use that or should I throw it out? I planned on doing a 10 gallon water change this weekend.
I would first test the salt water you just mixed to see if it's high as well as test the well water. It could be a bad batch of salt. Not likely but it has been known to happen.
At the moment I only have a alkalinity test.
You mean test the salt water for alkalinity?
It's a huge thing of salt and I paid 120$ for it! I hope it isn't bad!

How can I tell if it is the salt or the water in using? Test them both separately?
Sorry to jump in on this, I'm having the exact same problem! I finally bought a red sea coral kit (Regretting it, the most complex thing ever, I miss my APIs, don't care if they're inaccurate!), Mine was 17!
These test kits are a Bitch! Lol! I totally agree!

After I stopped dosing with purple up and 2 water changes my alk is now back to normal.
I found that the reason was because i was using 8.2 buffer, which increases the KH, apparently if you make sure the calcium, KH and magnesium levels are right, you can avoid using the buffer, which is good!

On a tangent, what is purple up?
Haha, i think what i've learnt is definitely that if you can stand to wait for stuff to happen (like algae growth and waiting to add fish) it helps you avoid so many problems. Still doesn't affect what i do though, no patience whatsoever :')
Me neither.. I'm learning though. Money talks. Lol
Sorry going to jump in also.... I'm still wet behind the ears on SW. I have had tank up for about 7 weeks MAJOR algae growth brownish red. Fish look to be doing good. I just tested my KH and says 13dKH. Amonia 0 nitrate/ite 0 ph 8.4 I litterly have long hairs growing from live rock swaying back and forth. Should I worry, am I doing something wrong? I do have an RO unit just started with water changes wih unit.


No it's 100% normal, it won't die off for a few more weeks, there's nothing you can do about it, and any treatments aren't necessary and probably will do more harm than good. If you're worried, get a sea hare, he'll eat through all the algae in no time, but you'll probably want to either get one from a friend, or ask your LFS if they'll let you bring him back once he's done (like a rental), because they'll starve once the algae is gone.