how big and how long

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first i want to have 1 angel, 1 piccasso trig., 1 eel(chainlink or black edge)
will thy get along?
how long will it take them to grow?
as many responses as possible


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Yes they will get along...But the eel may get over 20", the Picasso over 7" and depending on what kind of angel youre talking about over 6"...
It will take time for them to gorw, but it also depends on what and how often your feeding them. HTH
Manu, i answered that question along time ago in that other psot...
Anyway, they will all get along. But, leave out the eel. They just get too big, too fast. They should grow about 1-2 inches per year if you feed them a lot, if you feed them little, maybe 1 inch, a little less. Anyway, look in your other post too see my answer. Hope i helped!
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