I got lucky!

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My wife works with a guy who decided to get out of the hobby (he kept cichlids) and asked if we wanted his equipment for free. He billed it as a 75 gallon with tank, lights, filter, and stand. I've been wanting to downsize my freshwater tank from an acrylic bowfront 125 gallon, So I said sure. (To be fair, I would have said sure even if I didn't have any immediate plans for the tank, because ---free tank!) The bowfront tank was a very awkward set up that was really hard to service every month. Because it has a 4" tall metal rim around the top to house the built-in filter hood, it really isn't well suited to a salt water set up.

Anyway, We went to pick up the equipment this weekend. The guy GAVE me the tank, stand, a Fluval FX 6 filter, two 48' Finnex 24/7 lights with remote, and another 48' white / blue led light. Plus a lot of bleached coral skeletons and other rocks. The guy had all 3 of the lights on the 75 gallon tank. Since that's overkill, I'm using the Finnex lights on my established 75 salt setup. So far, my zoanthids and ricordea seem to appreciate the new light. But I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the Finnex 24/7? It has a setting that will change the lighting as the day goes on, but I can't find any information on whether it can be programmed or how to do it. I'm only finding information on how to set the time. The way it is set up now, it appears that there is some kind of light on (as the name implies) 24/7. I've been turning the light on and off manually for the last couple of days because I don't want to have any ridiculous algae blooms (the light is intended for freshwater planted tanks).
The 24/7 program on the lights apparently can’t be changed. So I haven’t been using that mode. I did figure out that the lights allow you to set 4 custom colors and program them into memory channels. So I set up a day color and s night color. The colors look good, but I have to turn them off and on manually. I’m going to try putting them on a timer.