I have Bryopsis Algae in my fuge.

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Originally Posted by Coral Keeper
Is Bryopsis Algae a good micro plant for a tank if its in a fuge?
Horrible algae. Extremely invasive, you are in for a long battle...It can be very difficult to rid a system of. I'd start with manual removal of any clumps you can see, and also start running some sort of PO4 remover to starve it of nutrients.
Like I said, its in the fuge not the DT. Why cant it work as a fuge plant? I don't have ANY of it in the DT. Only in the fuge. I've had this algae in the fuge for like 2 months so far. I never tried getting rid if it. Idk why.
because eventually it will end up in the main tank without a doubt. all it takes is a fiber of it to go through the pumps and bam it has a hold in the main tank.


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I'd be almost certain it is in your DT right now. It can reproduce by fragmentation, sexually, asexually. It is extremely invasive, and if left unchecked will take over your system.
If you copy and the paste the following into google and you can read all about this invasive algae.
One of the most beloved of macroalgae in reef aquaristics are those rare guests, Bryopsis, one of several genera affectionately dubbed ‘hair algae’. Bryopsis are a vital and much sought-after component of the compleat reef aquarium. Bryopsis can cure cancer, end poverty, and bring about world peace.
But enough sarcasm.
The marine green algae Bryopsis are, to my perception, the most prevalent and problematic sort of ‘hair alga’ around our hobby, colonizing and dominating captive reefscapes with a speed and remorselessness that would make a Spanish conquistador blink.


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crap..I got some of that in my tank its only about a 1/4" square of it maybe I will pull that rock out and cover the stuff with kalk paste like I do to aptasia when i see em.


but if one of the spores or tiny scraps of it shoots through the pump and into the DT it will be in the whole system.


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Some people like the grassy look
Personally It is way to aggressive for me. But it isn't as if he has a 300 gallon tank that is fixing to be over run. an 8 gallon tank is a only a few hours of scrubbing live rock to get it back to normal. Now there is this lfs with it in a 1000 gallon cube tank being overrun. That is a pain.


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theres a treatment for it. you have to raise your magnesium up to a certain amount and then itll begin to die off. im not sure what it had to be raised to, but it was a large thread on -- long time ago