I need help with my blenny tailspot

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I have had a Tailspot Blenny for a few months now. He has always seemed to do well and is very active. The past few weeks I have noticed that its belly seems distended and whiteish, but it seems thin after its stomach. When I feed the tank he goes nuts after the food, but he can't seem to decide which peices to go after and he ands up with very little and only small bits compared to the other fish.I'm sure the tank also contains some natural algae. I wonder if I'm feeding him properly or has something else going on? I spin between the flakes of Reef Prime, PE misis, Formula A and H2O Spirulina, Brine and Misis. I usually feed one cube of food or a few pinches of flakes every other day. The other fish are two clowns, a Watchman goby, Firefish and a SIxline Wras


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Unrelated to the Benny, you need to feed them every day. I’d cut the amount significantly, you are giving them more food than they need when you feed but too much for a few small fish when you do feed. Ditch the flakes and brine. Make sure you feed a good frozen herbavor food every day (emerald entre, LRS reef frenzy, Formula two, etc)

Some blennies do poorly in captivity. If they don’t get enough of the right kind of foods they will starve. Based on your description this is what it sounds like. Blenies are algae eaters but that doesn’t mean the algae in your tank is what they need. You could try algae sheets rubberbanded to a rock.