Ich resistant to hypo and copper..... i need help plzzz

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Lymphocystis is a virus.

Yes i forgot to mention that... I had lymphocystis show up on my fish 5 days after i atarted cupramine with hypo for that kole tang.

Like my green chromis got pounded hard by lymphocystis.. and i suspected my yellow tang is the one who got it first. I mesn they were RIDDLED in lympjocystis cysts... most habe recovered now but two still have there whole bodies covered in it.. I also see a few cysts on my flame hawk and coral beauty too. Deff not ich on them its lymphocystis.. but this yellow tang.. since the white spots are so numerous i couldnt tell if its ich or lympho

I jeard when lymphocystis falls off the virus replicates and then infects other fish. And it can cause bacterial infections at the open wounds it caused when it fell off.

This could explain the holes in his body when these cysts do come off.. because no way ich causes massive pencile tip craters red marks maybe but not this.

Also the 2nd pic i showed you where you said the infection is getting better. That pic was taken 3 weeks ago when these odd bumps started.

I was told on reef central that lymphocystis is common during cupramine because it weakens the immune syste..

Cupramine causes nothing but problems man lol i sware i lost more fish using that then what i had die from ich lol.


Yellow tang cooperated today i managed to get some really good pictures of his cysts. This pic aint for the faint of heart his infection is bad.. im double dosing furan 2 so instead of 5g worth im doing 10g worth every 24 hrs. I dug up an article that APIS furan 2 dosing is actually 4x below what aquatic vets recomend so im dosing higher because of that.

Anyway.. i just fed him and hes still eating like a pig.

My other tangs and foxface and other fish in tje 135 are still showing 0 signs of ich... i sware if this were ich and velvet and it was this bad wouldnt that naso tang and stuff get it ?? Because when i first got my naso tang like 2 monrhs ago and i had the ich outbreak he was COVERED so if this was ich he should be getting it again.. but i litterally see 0 ich spots on any fish.. granted half my fish are ich resistant damsels chromis hawkfish ect but yea.

Anyway here are the pics.

You tell me is this ich or lymphocystis or velvet lol i cant tell anymore... because hypo sure as hell isnt doing anything to it its taking forever for the cysts to fall off if they even do fall off.. but im not going to stop hypo ill keep going in case.

Ill get some selcom i dont have a garlic press for garlic juice but my local pet co sells some garlic guard plus the omega one marine veggy flakes im feeding have gsrlic in it already and its very healthy food if you look at the ingrediants

Look how bad this look.. feel so bad for him... See all the holes and pits in his body these cysts are causing..

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I said fungus?? Wow brain malfunction. Yes, it is a virus and there is no cure and all your fish have been exposed. Doesn't mean they will all get the virus or that it will be a big deal if they do. I've seen a lot of examples of lympho and ich and many look exactly alike. It's really how it progresses that points me to lympho. As I said, a super resilient ich that never goes away? Ich has a life cycle of attachment to fish then dropping off then reattaching. This fish so far has had this problem for 10 days with spots and no break from it, right? Super ich does not change it's life-cycle, it simply will not succumb to treatments so easy.

Either way, the treatment is the same. Hypo as I exactly said at 1.009. Use Zeocon or Selcon daily. You can also use fresh garlic but not together with the zoecon. Feed the fish twice a day at least, once with the zoecon food, the other with the fresh garlic food. Keep optimum water quality. As I said before, don't bother with bottled garlic, it must be freshly pressed otherwise it is useless. Read the info I provided above for details.

Frankly I would not use copper with tangs unless that was the only treatment I could use for something such as amyloodiniosis (marine velvet). They do not fare well with this medication with HLLE a common side-effect. This is not marine velvet. Doesn't even look like it and it certainly doesn't produce the symptoms of velvet.
Thanks. Thats what ive been thinking.. is a horrible case of lympho... ive observed ich numerous times and it just doesnt act like it.. Ill keep you updated on his infection and stuff hopefully that goes away.

Gatta tell you man 15 years in fresg water and 1 year in salt water.. salt wzter is just one thing after another after another... i fiznlly get rid of ich.. (supposedly) and this shows up lol. I just want this to end and to put my corals in lol.

Alao i gatta say this is one tough yellow tang... i rescued it from pet co 3 months ago almost.. it was riddleeddddddddd in ich .. wouldnt eat was skinny like.. i. Ould see thr bones in his ribcage and spine.. and the outline of his organs.... i got him home... put him in my qt did hypo... in 7 days the ich fell off never came back.. he started to eat slowely.... thrn ate anything i put in the tank.. i started feeding the omega one marine veggy flakes and sea weed like 6+ times daily... aometimes id put food in just enough for him and the others to eat then put more in and again and again and he wouldnt stop eating... then that kole tang showed up and he got lymphocystis and thrn a bacterial infection... fursn 2 cured him.. Then these cysts came back again 2 weeks later and now the infection is back again..

Hes come so far and gained so much weight... he isnt bones anymore.. he could still gain alot more but yea..

This tang refuses to die.. its one of those fish you get that catch everything.. but always live.. So i hope he pulls through this mess too.

I turjed my uv light on maybe thatll help lower the virus load in the tank i dunno... its a 60 watt uv flowing at arpund 70gph so low flow high wattage should help with exposure time who knows
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Well today is day 3 antibiotics the infection looks much better. Still prevent but not nearly as bad.

Also the cysts are still on him. They look bigger today too. Still round shaped. Some of em have blood on or i guess in em now. Its weird.

This would be day 11-12 in hypo... and i might add day 3 in a different tank in hypo... No way this is ich man lol.

My other fish arent showing signs of ich.. just lympjocystis some are getting better some dont have it.. others are getting a little more.

Flame hawk doesnt come out much... ive learned that csn be an issue with water... going to do a big water chsnge nitrates are at 40ppm now.. not sure why he isnt veey active though
Today is day 4 in antibiotics 90% of the redness is gone.. Spots still on fish deff is lymphocystis..

Feel so bad for him.. hes still eating like mad and acting like himself.

The rest of the fish in my main tank are looking good. The only one of concern is my flamehawk he has alot of lymphocystis on him.. nothing like the tang but he still hides running around his two favorite rocks but still wont eat. I have 1 green chromis still covered in lymphocystis who hides.

The rest have all recovered.

Everyone else looks good, although i still havent seen my nekn dottyback which is odd because he looked fine when i saw him last

. And i did a 60% water change in the 135g. I wish it only took that much salt to do water changes at normal salinity man lol.. i used maybe 2 cups total for probly 50-60 gallons of water.. lol

Ive been reading it takes less uv exposure to kill virus then it goes bacteria and algae.. So i set my 2nd uv light so i have two higher wattage uvs going on at 120 and 160gph. So hopefully these two can keep the viral load in the tank down.


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I would suggest not doing such huge water changes. This is likely a stress factor for fish that can contribute the lymphocystis problem. If you do 2 gal a day, that would be a lot easier on you and fish.
Read my text that i just posted it works and you will not see Ick agian it kills the entire ick cycle just because your fish looks free it falls from the host to the botttom of your tank and explodes hundreds more ick into the water to attach inside the gills and scales of fish.It does this over and over.You have to kill the entire cycle.And the ginger will do just that.Go on line and read all the articles about this ginger treatment.Thats hiw i found out about it.Im telling you it will make your day.It works .
Old thread. Tank has been running 3 months almost well 2 1.2 since hypo and copper. I havent had a single fish die or get ich.. i found out it wasnt ich but lymphocystis.. and it went away overtime. It did kill all my chromis sadly but everyone else (4 tangs foxface 2 kinds of angelfish) has been fine.

Just glad its over with lol