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Discussion in 'Fragging Techniques' started by steelgluer, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. steelgluer

    steelgluer Member

    got 8 of these at a lfs and frag them and now have lots just dont know the name of them. They are kind of nice though. />
  2. candaceswf

    candaceswf Administrator

    It looks like a paly...
  3. steelgluer

    steelgluer Member

    Barn fire paly????
  4. RobP

    RobP Member

    Paly's have so many different and unique nams it's hard to tell what the official name is. I would call is the orange on <G>
  5. steelgluer

    steelgluer Member

    Ill think i will go with Orange Surprise.
  6. candaceswf

    candaceswf Administrator

    The only legitimate name you can go by for corals are the scientific name, other than that, the common names: Orange surprise, barn fire, sunrise, tutti fruitti, people eater, darth maul.... all of those are just funky, made up names to make them sound more appealing ;)
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  7. candaceswf

    candaceswf Administrator

    I like orange surprise, very appealing lol
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  8. bang guy

    bang guy Administrator Staff Member

    :p There's no official common name for all the varieties of Protopalythoa or Zoanthids. If you don't like a name just come up with a better name of your own.
  9. trigger40

    trigger40 Well-Known Member

    that looks awsome!

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