Just A Warning (carpet anemone)

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I waited a long time for my LFS to get some (BIG) cleaner shrimp in, and they finally came in.
To my horror, 5 hours after I put him in, He stepped on my carpet anemone and was swollowed up in a split second!
Didn't even have a chance to name him.

I guess now I know what happened to my baby Blue Hippo, and one of my Green Chromis.
That was the fastest $32 I ever spent!

Anybody else have a carpet muncher?


Here's the topper!
He spit the darn thing out overnight.
Found it by the overflow this morning.:mad:
My carpet anemone ate one of my blue hippo tangs, and he also spit him out after he ate all he wanted. I sure hope he doesn't get my purple tang.
i had a green carpet anenome lol also known as carpet muncher lol my parents brought him home one day to stick in my tank lol i said wow that looks cool, what did the fish store say about him? my parents said oh nothing. so i said great addition to the tank instead of doing research. I lost a yellow tang and a foxface. I went to go feed the fish and i notice my carpet anenome all closed up and moving in jolts. i looked closed and sawww my poor foxface. i grabbed the net and stuck it down in there and pried him out. he was all gunky and died very quickly... i said tomorrow ill take him to the lfs and trade him in. that night he got my yellow tang lol a hard lesson learned :) sorry so long
I had a green carpet(muncher) about 12 years back and when I bought him he was the pride of my tank! He thrived on little lighting and some food here and there. One day I noticed a cleaner shrimp shell, thinking they were molting I sloughed it off. To my surprise he ate my mandarin, 4 cleaner shrimp, red fire shrimp, a clown! and probably more fish I can't remember. The topper was that he tried to eat my maxima clam as well. I still kept him as my interest in tanks was dwindling he finally passed due to a power failure while I was gone. I was in my LFS the other day and saw a blue carpet for the first time. I almost bought him and then remembered, wheww that was close!
Man, great thread. I've never heard they were this kind of terror on tanks. I really wanted to get a blue carpet when my lights are set up.
So yeah, has anyone had good long-term experiences with carpets?
my son (2 yrs old) was feeding the tank one day... needless to say he fell in and was consumed by our green carpet in no time... ::soob:: im still trying to get over it.


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I have had my carpet anemone for about 6 months. It was in very poor condition when i bought it from *****. It has tripled is size and is changing colors. my peppermint shrimps like to hide underneath it and catch any scraps. This anemone has been through alot. It has not yet eaten anything it should have.


Bangaii, rabbitfish, 1 cleaner shrimp, 4 peppermint shrimp, queen conch, and countless snails
He has tried to get my linkia star and my foxface but I was too quick for it. And I have the foxface stings to prove it!
It is beautiful when it's not eating expensive stuff.


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i have had green carpet about 2 yrs its as big as a serving platter. Doesnt eat anything he is not supposed to cause we feed him on a regular basis
OK, new update, my green carpet that I got in Feb, has gotten so huge. He is probably like 12-14" across when fully open. I have been feeding him 3 small silversides per week. He did munch a couple BIG Dollar fish when I got him, but all is well since then(for his sake).