Just A Warning (carpet anemone)

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my son (2 yrs old) was feeding the tank one day... needless to say he fell in and was consumed by our green carpet in no time... ::soob:: im still trying to get over it.

My green carpet could eat your green carpet :)
I laughed so hard beer just shot out of my nose!!!

I heard a man last week in Miami found a whole family of Cuban fishermen in his carpet!



Originally Posted by moby
I laughed so hard beer just shot out of my nose!!!

I heard a man last week in Miami found a whole family of Cuban fishermen in his carpet!


that is some funny stuff!!!!!!!!! good gosh!!!!

I just got a green carpet and I hope I don't have to sell him- but I have a home for him if he does not work out!!!!!!
too funny, I have lost a 10" worm goby and a female lyretail anthias to mine. So far it hasnt gotten the nicer fish but I am afraid to add new fish at this point, this very website has an awesome tilefish that I want but I look at it and see carpet muncher food... what a great term by the way. and this thread is too funny
the only place for a carpet is on the floor! :hilarious they love eating fish and if it doesent get your fish one day it will eventually make up for it.
Is it possible for a carpet to eat a Acro? I had a small frag about 4 inch on oposide side of tank , Still on the plug in the 65 and today I found it completly stripped on one side and sitting next to the carpet. Only fish in the tank is a large clarki and a tiny black goby, the clarki is large but certianly not large enough to pick up the acro. Anyone evry experience such a thing?
Hello there, well i have had my carpet for 6 years now. At first he was in a 55, now he lives in my 265 reef. He is home to 3 clowns. I have a lot of tangs and other fish as well. I have a cleaner shrimp that thinks the carpet is home as well. I feed him a piece of table shrimp every once in a while, I hope this post doesnt affect my powder blue.So there is a postive one for u all.
My cleaners actually mess with my carpets, they poke at them from the outside, just enough not to get stuck. I suppose if they can eat children though corals arent out of the question. Birdman i have 5 cleaner shrimp that are carpet anemone savy if you want any all you have to do is come get them mine are large as well and garaunteed not to get eaten
My Anemone Crab came in my tank by acident! He was shiped to my LFS in a Seabae and then I bought the Seabae!! Now he is hosting my CANIVOROUS/AGRESSIVE Carpet Anemone! (The Carpet has eaten: 1 Four Banded Damsel, 2 Blue Devils, and a PORCUPINE PUFFER!!!)
No carpets for me!!!
Really wanted one till I read this thread :hilarious Nothing like a new comer to the tank to eat my beautiful fish for dinner
Here's a pic of my Saddle Carpet Anemone! Its about 5" and has been in my tank for 4 days, hasnt ate my fish yet!!!
But im waiting on my True Perc's to host in it, hopefully it doent eat them too!!!