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Discussion in 'Reef Tanks' started by MrReefkprZ, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. MrReefkprZ

    MrReefkprZ New Member

    so I set this tank up almost 2 years ago running with rocks and damsels recently just added another 60 lbs of sand to it. I haven't done much with it because it has been a super busy couple years, between getting primary residence of my daughter and trying to get my business off the ground I just havent had time so it's just kind of been idling. so heres the rundown on the tank.

    40 breeder, 55g sump, full system water volume 70g, 120w Led galaxy hydro lights (which I will never purchase again nothing but problems since the day I bought them). marineland particulate filter from an older commercial system (basically stacked trays for sheets of material of my choice) Jeabo wavemaker (love it), Iwaki magnetic drive return pump. still running the coralife super skimmer 125 (been a decade now) with 60w led over cheato in the sump, small container of miracle mud in the sump as well.

    the sand bed is sloped from 1 inch in the front to 6-8 in the back, yes I know it will settle out a bit. I run my sand bed this way because I just added new sand and need to keep the aerobic bacteria exposed long enough for it to spread to the new sand without spiking my tank. and it looks pretty damned cool right now

    now lets see if I remember how to post pictures on ths forum IMG_1584 (600 x 450).jpg
  2. MrReefkprZ

    MrReefkprZ New Member

    wow i'm surprised to see how inactive this forum has become overall.
  3. jay0705

    jay0705 Administrator Staff Member

    It sucks. Its down prob 3/4 from just a few yrs ago
  4. 2quills

    2quills Administrator Staff Member

    Nice set up. What are your thoughts on the 60w worth of led growing the chaeto?

    Unfortunately the forums in general have been on the down slide for some time now. Seems like Facebook groups are on the upswing at the moment.

    I still find more experience and better discussions on the forums though. As slow as they may be. I can't let em go lol.
  5. jay0705

    jay0705 Administrator Staff Member

    Even my face book group has slowed lol. It should pick up after the holidays w people getting tanks as gifts
  6. MrReefkprZ

    MrReefkprZ New Member

    What do you mean? it works, it's an awesome breeding ground for pods, and considering the size of my Sump v dt it's a viable option that's super low maintenance, unlike a turf scrubber which require frequent maintenance but is another great option.

    about the only thing I would change if I could would be to run the same amount of light or more over the cheato to match or exceed the DT so it's more competitave for growth rate. most people put a 25w bulb over a wad of cheato and think it's actually going to compete fairly with the 100-250w over their dt, algae grows where the conditions are ideal, so making the place you want your algae to grow more ideal than your DT is the goal.
  7. mack85

    mack85 New Member

    It's a wonderful setup and looks cool.
  8. MrReefkprZ

    MrReefkprZ New Member

    Thanks it's getting there, still a bunch of modifications I want to make, primary goal though is to get the water ready for some corals. i've just had such a bugger of a time with the lights i've only a got a few softies in there right now I dont dare do much else until I get them growing well

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