Live rock... What to do ???

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Hi I have a bunch of live rock and they are really big pieces I am scaling down and doing a nano trying to use what i have... so can I break my live rock without killing or hurting it . I was going to just put one of my big chunks in my 10 gal but it looks funny , any advice?
thank you Kell

ric maniac

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well, all you need to do is put it in a black durable garbage bag, and hit it lightly yet enouh to break it with a rubber mallet. and some of the other peices you dont need could be made into lr rubble for your filter and to frag corals on.
Thank you so much I just didn't want to hurt it... I don't have anything on it yet I am Kind of scared of starting corals.... My tank is a 10gal. i am sizing down from my 85 gal. I only have 5 small dams 2 hemy crabs a cbshrimp and a turbo snail. I was given the 85 so I set it up but thats all my live stock so I thought i would scale down ... Haven't done it yet, but thats what I was thinking...Then I want to take the 85 down and put it back up after the move in 4 months. is it ok to do this? I was going to use every thing from my 85 for the 10.