Look at my brain

Discussion in 'LPS Corals' started by tthemadd1, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. tthemadd1

    tthemadd1 Active Member

    So the first picture is from a year ago. The second from today. The colors have changed so dramatically. How odd.

  2. mr llimpid

    mr llimpid Member

    Looks great. You must have the right lighting. Do you supplement with any type of filter feeding foods?
  3. tthemadd1

    tthemadd1 Active Member

    I have been feeding it pieces of fish, scallops, etc. this brain does grow slow but it has grown almost two inches in diameter.
  4. flower

    flower Well-Known Member

    Just beautiful! I could never seem to keep a brain alive in my reefs, or the clover coral...those two were just impossible for me. whatever you are doing...you got the right stuff. I hope it continues to look so awesome.

    It always strikes me as amusing..."Look at my brain?" "What's wrong with my brain?" and the real tickler..."is my brain dead?"
  5. tthemadd1

    tthemadd1 Active Member

    So I'm having my first issue with this brain today. I came out to find it retracting and what looks like disinigrating. So upset. Trying an iodine dip and will be testing tank water shortly. Everything else is looking great so I'm not sure whats up.
  6. tthemadd1

    tthemadd1 Active Member

  7. tthemadd1

    tthemadd1 Active Member

    I've ha this brain for at least six years and will not let it go slowly into the night. : (
  8. carol mcdermott

    carol mcdermott New Member

    Did it make it?

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