Looking for/WTB a 48" Current USA 6x54W Nova Extreme Pro T5 HO Fixture

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48" Current USA 6x54W Nova Extreme Pro T5 HO Fixture. i would like it to be this model or close to it. i would like it to be in decent condition. with fairly new bulbs or a price that reflects that. i know that these go for around $400.00 brand new. so a used one would be cheaper. local is better but it could be shipped. doesnt really matter to me. i would like to see pics of light and a price you would like for it. thank you and i look forward to your PM's
TTT anybody it can even be a similar model. i really need it for annenomies and the night time light. and must be 48" thats it
thank you
I have only 48" Nova Extreme (not Pro) with 4x54W. The unit is fairly new (only three mths used). Not sure if this is enough for what you needed..
ok i will check with the guys on here and see what they say. if you could PM me a price that you are looking for and if this will work i will be very happy. it will need to be shipped, but im sure you already are aware of that
thank you