Macroalgae/Planted Marine Tank w/ Foxface

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Hi! I have a YOUNG onespot Foxface in my FOWLR tank that's been up and running for about a year. I'm considering adding macroalgae or making this a planted tank. However, with the way my Foxface eats, I'm worried that they'll eat everything I put in before it has a chance to grow and be abundant enough to make no difference if they eat it.

Has anyone been successful with this? Tips? Suggestions? Thanks!


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simple use 1/4" square plastic grid (egg crate) sold as lighting diffusers at building supply stores. About $12 for a 4footx2foot section. Partition the tank so you have an algae area ~3" from the back glass. add some shop lights horizontal to illuminate that area. The partition will protect the macros from the foxface, the algae will balance and stabilize the system, and pods will thrive as well.

my .02