mandrin dragonites

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I am getting a 75gal tank set up and am wondering if I will be able to put in 2 psycodelic and 1 normal mandrin?
PS: I will have about 100lbs of live rock and a very small amount of soft coral. most likely button polyps.
thanks for any advice
-Eel man
I have heard that these guys would make good companions for seahorses since they are very inactive and site on the botton of the tank but I am worried that they may nibble on the seahorse's fins while they're sleeping.. any comments ?
Originally posted by MR . SALTY:
Word is these critters can only go into a well established or mature tank. I want them too but choose to wait. STEVE.
All I have to say is this... I bought my mandrin when my 75 gal. tank was 2 weeks old and he is still alive today. Infact I just bought him a spouse! He goes nutts over her.. Only time will tell if they will mate! I also have a reef tank w/ 130 pounds of live rock.
Doubt it. You need a lot of live rock just to sustain 1 mandarin, and make sure you have no other fish that eat copepods, such as a 6-line wrasse.
just to let you know... you can only put one male and female together because any one else and their will be a hell of a fight.... trust me personal experance !!!!!!!!!! also they need plenty of live rock to feed off the critters. good luck...