Mandrin goby dead after 3 days

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Hi guys, first post here, love the forum.

So first, about the setup, I've got a 125 tank with around 100lb of live rock and about 80lb of live sand, stocking and equipment below. Tanks been cycled for about 3 months. I know everybody's gonna say that's early for a Mandarin but I can see about 10 pods per square inch on my front and back glass. After a lot of research and talking it through with my LFS decided to get one. Got him last Saturday (8/31), he was lethargic the first day and a half but yesterday he started swimming and appeared to be hunting. This morning (9/3) he was dead, laying on his side getting eaten by crabs.

He didn't look emaciated like some pictures I've seen but after pulling him and doing a closer inspection his belly was pretty shrunken.

I did do a 10% water change last night but tests were good before and after (I test religiously, multiple times a week before and after changes)

Question is, am I missing something or was this guy too far gone when I got him.

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Odds are it was starving when you got him and just succumbed to starvation. If they have been starving too long they cant come back no matter how much food is available. Too much internal damage has been done.