Meowzer's LED build

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OK...let's start from the beginning....about 2 months ago my husband and I went to Dallas to pick up a custom built LED setup for the 54G corner bow. After getting home, and him looking at it he said "I can make something like that" HAHA SO I said "Oh Really....think you can do one for the 225G" he said "yeah" well for the last couple of months we have kidded back and forth about it.....the last few days I have commented on someone elses LED thread, which led to some direction from Corey and Shawn. Shawn spent an hour on the phone with my husband the other night, sent us some great info and posted you-tube videos on DIY lights. Corey posted a diagram and also has given some great info on this endeavor. husband spent 6 hours on the computer last night researching what to get....he has many notes containing this info (to be posted later) he also did NOT sleep last night....LOL...he has LED on the brain, and really wants to do this.....We think it will be approximately a $2000 job.....not sure yet.....BUT the money will soon be saved via bulbs and power usage
DO NOT get me wrong......I LOVE my outer orbit MH/T5 unit and the look it gives.....It's the expense that is painful to me...LOL
As soon as I send Corey and Shawn the materials list for approval...I will post it here.....AT FIRST I thought this was going to be a lengthy project.....BUT due to my husband's excitement.....I think it will take as long as it takes to get the materials....and him have the time to work on it
I will document this as we go along....WELCOME ABOARD EVERYONE.....this should be exciting!!!!

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YAY, That is very Excited Lois, I am happy for you, I hope everything works out and you can bet that I will be following along.
IMO this is not hard to do, what made my diy LED system hard was i did not enough research.
but with corey and shawn's help i am now on the right track.
this is not hard, i am not sure but, i don't think corey or shawn have build there systems yet.
but again this is not hard, it may taken me about two and half days to put the system together. now i am rebuilding the sytstem to make it safer and more efficient.
good luck and have fun


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Hey Meowzer.....Just shot you a PM.....I won't divulge any of the build until you unveil it, but had a question what the HDPE material was for????? I know what the material is, but wondering if my thinking was correct on what you and your hubby were planning to do with it?????? That setup will easily support dominated SPS though!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by travelerjp98 http:///forum/thread/387353/meowzer-s-led-build#post_3407817
I can't wait to see how this goes!
Are corey and shawn your sons? Corey is 2quills on here and Shawn is Acrylic51 on here and I dont think they are her sons. lol
And, mr. meowzer is your husband LOL!!! Yes Mr. Meowzer is her Husband.
With all the new stuff she and BTLD have been getting lately I am thinking about asking them both to adopt me..ROTFLMAO
LOL...funny guys....Thanks Shawn and Corey.....we are a little confused ATM.....LOL...may have a BUNCH more questions coming your way