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  1. 2quills

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    From what I can see yes, they will fit your canisters. Depending on where your unit came from it may have been sold with a standard carbon block. But I see some retailers selling those units with premium carbon blocks.
  2. jay0705

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    Quills i tell you this stuff is a pain in the a$$!!!! Lol i called aqua fx to see whats what. Fella said the system should remove everything. Said it could be a bad test kit. So i shall try a new one and see
  3. 2quills

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    It can cause one to pull their hair put if ya let it lol.

    Easiest thing I can think of would be to test your tap water, your RO, the mixed water and the aged water of your tank. Odds are your tank should be zero. I suspect the mixed water should be dropping by now. And continue to monitor your tap and fresh RO for a while to pick up on any trends from your water supply or filters effectiveness.

    I'm curious to hear results of the new kit.

  4. jay0705

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    Thank you sir. I will keep you posted. As of yest tap and ro/ di was basically clean. Mix was still around 2ppm. So if the new test shows same, i shall try a brand new mixing cantainer and powerhead lol
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    The unit may be a pain now but you’ll love it in the end.
    I have mine plummed directly to my mixing container with a float valve in the container. I also have it plumed to my ATO the same way. I do have a ball valve on each end. I don’t trust the float valves entirely. After a while I decided to include drinking water so I bought the storage tank and adapters (don’t want drinking water to go through DI) and a faucet from BRS. After that I decided to also plum it to my fridge. The only down side is when I am refilling my water tank I can’t get drinking water.
  6. jay0705

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    I do love the unit. Its very easy to use. Its this dam ammonia issue driving me nuts. The guy i spoke with at the manufacturer said it will remove everything. So iam hoping its just a bad test kit or worse case need a diff carbon filter

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