Moving to a bigger tank.

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  1. jmbdrummer

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    Good morning,

    Just a few questions to help make sure I don't hurt my fish and corals.

    I am in the process of moving from a 30 gallon tank to a 75. I currently have a reef tank that had been going for over a year. Some of my corals are attached really well to my live rock. How do I move these? I have new water in the new tank. I was told at my LFS not to use the same water and use new water, is this the best way? How do you acclimate the rock with corals attached? I know I can float the fish and acclimate that way. But my main concern is the corals. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  2. lmforbis

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    You can put the whole rock with coral attached in a bucket with old water and slowly add water from the new tank. If your parameters are the same it shouldn't be an issue.
  3. jmbdrummer

    jmbdrummer Member

    Thank you. That is what I was thinking but wasn't sure. Should I use the old water in the new tank or just dump it?
  4. jay0705

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    Aslong as your prams match you can dump the old
  5. lmforbis

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    Yep stick with new water.
  6. jmbdrummer

    jmbdrummer Member

    Thanks for all the advice. For the most part everything is moved except for the old crushed coral. I need to vacuum it. I attached a picture. Thanks again.

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