My Framed in Wall 65 Gallon

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    Hey all,

    Just wanted to share a build I wrapped up on several weeks ago. I'll try to get better photos and a video in this thread at some point. Framing an aquarium in a wall has been a goal of mine for as long as I can remember.

    The tank is a 65 gallon Aqueon.

    Very basic set up, but has been flawless for me for 4+ years (moved everything from a 46 to this). NO protein skimmer for years and zero issues with coral expansion and fish health - always low nitrates. IMG_4029.JPG

    API Filistar M canister filter
    Marineland Heater
    Digital Temp Probe
    Current USA Marine LED light

    5-6' deep sand bed (75 lbs of sand)
    I can't remember the live rock ratio - probably 50-75 lbs here

    2 clowns
    starry blenny
    royal gramma
    melanurus wrasse

    4 healthy stalks of hammer coral
    closed brain coral
    candy cane
    misc. mushrooms

    I've had all 5 fish for several years now. Any opinions on adding 1 or 2 more fish, or am I stocked up already?

    I'm leaning towards a flame angelfish or a blue spotted puffer (or both).

    Hope you enjoy the photos and I'll try to get more up!

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  2. mr. limpid

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    looks nice clean on viewing side. Are you putting some backing on the room side? Finish painting all the exposed wood in the room, you will thank yourself some day. good job

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